Lizzie Armanto, back Smith grind, Venice Beach

Lizzie Armanto back smith grind Venice Beach Skatepark

This photo was shot during my first official photo session with Lizzie Armanto on February 02, 2012. The first portion of pictures where shot around the streets of Santa Monica and Venice. Our last stop was Venice Skatepark. I asked her to do a back Smith grind, she said she didn’t know the trick very well but would try. She landed a few, you can tell by her body language that she pretty much forced herself to do these for the camera. I have shot her many times since and have never seen her do back smiths since.

Julz Lynn Birthday Party

Julz Lynn skateboard ramp huntington beach

I shot this image of Julz Lynne on her 21st birthday in Huntington Beach California. This portable skateboard ramp was very tight so I used a 10.5 Nikon fisheye lens and a Nikon SB light on a stick.

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Ken Hada photo by John Stamos

Photo by John Stamos
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