8mm transfer

This is an old home movie from around 1976. There were no smart phones back then, but there were plenty of disaster films such as Towering Inferno or Earthquake. So if you got a hold of your older sisters camera you might of made a film like this.

John F Kennedy Shamrock Regiment Marching Band

I used to complain to my sister Vicki “why do you have to stick that camera in my face all the time?”. Many years later I became interested in photography and time had began to catch up with my life. I then realized that my sister was right. So thank you Vicki Hada you were right, and thank God you shoved the camera in my face otherwise I would not have these memories. And now I shove my camera in peoples faces, I hope they will someday understand why I do this.

This footage was captured at a transitional time in John F. Kennedy’s Marching bands history. This was the first year the band marched in a more drum corp like drills and the band wore the beginnings of a drum and bugle corp style uniform. Previous during field shows and half time events the bands in our districts wore our parade uniforms and marched in a big rectangle.

Ken Weatherwax aka Pugsley from the Adams Family

I remember being on the Full House Set with John Stamos , at this time the T.V. show taped at the Sony Studios lot. John and I walked out of the soundstage and a very tall gentleman said “hey John” and John responded with “Hey Pugs”. John turned to me and said “do you know who that was?” I said “no” he said “Pugsley” I laughed it off and he said “no really that was Pugsly.” That was the first and last time I had seen Ken Weatherwax, the actor who portrayed Pugsley on the Adams Family.