John F Kennedy Shamrock Regiment Marching Band

I used to complain to my sister Vicki “why do you have to stick that camera in my face all the time?”. Many years later I became interested in photography and time had began to catch up with my life. I then realized that my sister was right. So thank you Vicki Hada you were right, and thank God you shoved the camera in my face otherwise I would not have these memories. And now I shove my camera in peoples faces, I hope they will someday understand why I do this.

This footage was captured at a transitional time in John F. Kennedy’s Marching bands history. This was the first year the band marched in a more drum corp like drills and the band wore the beginnings of a drum and bugle corp style uniform. Previous during field shows and half time events the bands in our districts wore our parade uniforms and marched in a big rectangle.