Shoot The Moon, ten years of video recordings

This is a clip from my old band named Shoot The Moon. We wrote songs, played live and lived our lives together for 10 years. For me, this clip sort of lacks what the band was actually about. Im putting it up because it is (as of this writing) the most popular video.

And speaking of video wow did we create a lot of it. I have been spending the last month transferring all of this video to youtube. A task that has resurrected many feelings both old and new. I think my generation were some of the first to have a moving picture record of our daily lives? It was a expensive thing to have a camera back in the late 1980’s. Now with each generation of smartphone being cheaper and better, everyone will have a moving-picture-record of their life. I wonder if it will as strange for my son or daughter to see 10 years of their life so many years after they lived it?

For me, it is a bit strange to see 10 years of your life on video. I sometimes wonder if this is a good or bad thing? I really loved that experience and those days are so fun to watch. But video also reminds me of how scarce time is. And so I feel guilty about looking at life as opposed to living it.

If you want to see all the Shoot The Moon video go here

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Is this Stranger Things for is this Stephen King?

I just finished watching season 2 of “Stranger Things”. I liked it but I have to wonder if the reason I liked it is because it reminds me of “It”, “Stand By Me”, “Firestarter”, “The Wolves of Calla”, and “The Talisman”. The pace of the story, the characters, and even the way some of the character look, all felt like a Stephen King book or production. Don’t get me wrong thats a nice place to start but it would have been nice to experience something beyond the original creators intentions. Will I watch Stranger Things 3? Yes because aside from the rehashed stories I really like the actors in these productions.

Spectrum Internet drops connection constantly

I just did one of those forced upgrades where the internet company takes your old modem and forces you to get a new one. Ever since the upgrade my once Time Warner Cable now Spectrum Internet drops connection about eery 20 seconds.

Exposure 2017 Lizzie Armanto

Skateboarder Lizzie Armanto
Skateboarder Lizzie Armanto

My good friend was performing at the Hollywood Bowl on the same evening. So I was only able to attend Exposure for a few hours. I managed to catch some of the Amateur bowl and all of the vert competition.

Cypress High School choir program problem

My daughter attends Cypress High School (public school) . She loves to sing so she is in the choir program. Tonight there is a public performance at our local community center the only problem is not all of the parents or siblings are allowed to attend.

I gave my daughter $60 cash (enough money to by our family tickets for the choir performance). My daughter came back the next day and told me the show was sold out. She told me there would be a chance to buy tickets on the night of the show. On the night of the show I walked into the Cypress community center and asked a few of the parents if there were any extra tickets. They told me it was sold out. I asked if my daughters family could see the performance portion of the show (the show is a dinner show) I was told that the fire regulations would not allow more people than who had purchased tickets.

As I was walking to my car I began to wonder why a choir at a public high school would setup a show in a venue that would not at the very least allow each childs parents and siblings to attend? I also wondered about how fair this was to parents who could not afford to spend $20 per family member.  In the summer I attended a meeting long before this class began and we were told we would have to come up with around $700 per student plus costumes for our child to attend choir. They did not tell us that we might not be able to attend our children’s public performances.

When I was young I attended Kennedy High School (located a few streets away from Cypress High School) and was in the marching band all of my years there. I don’t remeber a single performance wherein parents were not allowed to attend? Maybe this is the new way music programs run? Maybe I am missing from a email mailing list? At any rate this is the first time I have missed my daughters performance (in her lifetime).

Marlon Brando interview

When I was a kid movies were my first exposure to photography and music. If you have ever looked at a picture I took, or heard a song I wrote, or listened to me play drums you heard or saw some fragment of artists like Pink Floyd, Allan Holdsworth, Miles Davis, or Marlon Brando in there. I first saw Marlon Brando in the Movie Apocalypse Now at the Cinedome Theater in Orange California with Chuck Lantz​ back in 1979 (or so). I became a fan of his acting and began to search out his movies. This is a long but interesting interview probably happened sometime after he won the academy award for The Godfather. It’s amazing that at one time (on television) two people could have a conversation like this (and as long as this).

Linda Suzanne Sings

Linda Suzanne set out to create a concert event that would raise money for rescue animals. During the final moments of production the Las Vegas Mass Shooting occurred. Since Linda and her husband (John Wackerman) are members of the Las Vegas entertainment community Linda decided to donate and equal portion of the the money raised for victims of the mass shooting.

Ken Hada Photography Linda Suzzane Sings South Point Las Veags-01
South Point Billboard
Red Carpet
Standing Ovation

Regarding too much news

“The truth is, in an age of unfettered access to the worst of humanity, we have to act as our own gatekeepers if we want to stay sane.”

At the front desk of the Keio Plaza in Japan with Tony Williams, Bunny Brunel and John Wackerman

When I was young, I used to follow all these drummers and then after some time I realized they were (in some part) emulating this dude. I was lucky enough to meet Tony (thanks to the dude on bass in this video, Bunny Brunel​) at the Keio Plaza in Japan. Tony was of course kind and cordial when I met him. We didn’t say too much to each other. But he had a depth to his presence that I have not sensed in many people.