Shoot The Moon, ten years of video recordings

This is a clip from my old band named Shoot The Moon. We wrote songs, played live and lived our lives together for 10 years. For me, this clip sort of lacks what the band was actually about. Im putting it up because it is (as of this writing) the most popular video.

And speaking of video wow did we create a lot of it. I have been spending the last month transferring all of this video to youtube. A task that has resurrected many feelings both old and new. I think my generation were some of the first to have a moving picture record of our daily lives? It was a expensive thing to have a camera back in the late 1980’s. Now with each generation of smartphone being cheaper and better, everyone will have a moving-picture-record of their life. I wonder if it will as strange for my son or daughter to see 10 years of their life so many years after they lived it?

For me, it is a bit strange to see 10 years of your life on video. I sometimes wonder if this is a good or bad thing? I really loved that experience and those days are so fun to watch. But video also reminds me of how scarce time is. And so I feel guilty about looking at life as opposed to living it.

If you want to see all the Shoot The Moon video go here

If you want to see the official Moon website go to


Marlon Brando interview

When I was a kid movies were my first exposure to photography and music. If you have ever looked at a picture I took, or heard a song I wrote, or listened to me play drums you heard or saw some fragment of artists like Pink Floyd, Allan Holdsworth, Miles Davis, or Marlon Brando in there. I first saw Marlon Brando in the Movie Apocalypse Now at the Cinedome Theater in Orange California with Chuck Lantz​ back in 1979 (or so). I became a fan of his acting and began to search out his movies. This is a long but interesting interview probably happened sometime after he won the academy award for The Godfather. It’s amazing that at one time (on television) two people could have a conversation like this (and as long as this).