At the front desk of the Keio Plaza in Japan with Tony Williams, Bunny Brunel and John Wackerman

When I was young, I used to follow all these drummers and then after some time I realized they were (in some part) emulating this dude. I was lucky enough to meet Tony (thanks to the dude on bass in this video, Bunny Brunel​) at the Keio Plaza in Japan. Tony was of course kind and cordial when I met him. We didn’t say too much to each other. But he had a depth to his presence that I have not sensed in many people.

The Kate Bush Story

I first heard of Kate Bush by my friend Louis Oliart’s girlfriend Cathy. I named my daughter after Kate Bush. I have viewed every interview, owned every recording and yet she still remains a mystery to me.  For me she is one of this artists who stands apart from most.

John Stamos and Jeffrey Fosckett NAMM 2008

John Stamos Jeffrey Fosckett NAMM 2008
John Stamos Jeffrey Fosckett NAMM 2008

I love this candid photo from NAMM 2008 of John Stamos and Jeffrey Foskett. For me, for some reason (maybe the Carl Wilson beard) this has a Beach Boys vibe to it. When I see this photo I am reminded of many funny stories about Jeff and John over the decades.