Is this Stranger Things for is this Stephen King?

I just finished watching season 2 of “Stranger Things”. I liked it but I have to wonder if the reason I liked it is because it reminds me of “It”, “Stand By Me”, “Firestarter”, “The Wolves of Calla”, and “The Talisman”. The pace of the story, the characters, and even the way some of the character look, all felt like a Stephen King book or production. Don’t get me wrong thats a nice place to start but it would have been nice to experience something beyond the original creators intentions. Will I watch Stranger Things 3? Yes because aside from the rehashed stories I really like the actors in these productions.

Spectrum Internet drops connection constantly

I just did one of those forced upgrades where the internet company takes your old modem and forces you to get a new one. Ever since the upgrade my once Time Warner Cable now Spectrum Internet drops connection about eery 20 seconds.

Linda Suzanne Sings

Linda Suzanne set out to create a concert event that would raise money for rescue animals. During the final moments of production the Las Vegas Mass Shooting occurred. Since Linda and her husband (John Wackerman) are members of the Las Vegas entertainment community Linda decided to donate and equal portion of the the money raised for victims of the mass shooting.

Ken Hada Photography Linda Suzzane Sings South Point Las Veags-01
South Point Billboard
Red Carpet
Standing Ovation

Regarding too much news

“The truth is, in an age of unfettered access to the worst of humanity, we have to act as our own gatekeepers if we want to stay sane.”

Google is using AI to create landscape photography

Google is us AI to teach a machine how to make landscape photos like a human. AI photographer

Im a drummer from way back in the 1970’s. Drum machines where supposed to replace drummers back then too. Although drum machines did carve out their own niche in music production the human drummer’s imperfect and individual nature was the thing that made him or her unique. I personally think the same will be true for human photographers?

Kristy Tuck Knee Boost

Ken Hada photo Kristy tuck knee Chino
Ken Hada photo Kristy tuck knee Chino

Kristy asked me to come take some skateboard pictures today, caught her boosting some higher than normal tuck knees.