As a photographer I try to surround myself with people who know more than me.

Greg Rager film lecture
Greg Rager film lecture

Im a drummer who used to do photography a long time ago. In the last ten years or so I have taken an interest in photography again. If you are getting back into photography, or just starting I assure you that classes and lectures will be a fun and interesting pursuit. Wonderful things happen when a room full of photographers (with varied skill sets) get together. And of course the worse photographer gets the most benefit.

Hanna Zanzi

Skateboarder, Hanna Zanzi front lip to tail at Chino skateboard park.
Skateboarder, Hanna Zanzi front lip to tail at Chino skateboard park.

It doesn’t get any better than Hanna Zanzi!

Personal drones no longer need to be registered with FAA, US federal court rules

I just read this article “Personal drones no longer need to be registered with FAA, US federal court rules”  And let me first say that I am a novice drone enthusiast.   My thoughts after reading this article are, alright now you do not have to register drones if you are a enthusiast. Well I already registered so what happened to my money and my rights? Second DJI is releasing a version of their flight software that will (at the very least) control altitude and flight radius if you don’t register with them? So the FAA (reluctantly) lets go of some control and DJI takes it back plus some.

Confusion seems to be the rule of all things drone related. and I find confusion in this ruling and further confusion relating to some upcoming as of this writing DJI go apps.

Allan Holdsworth 04-16-2017

I am devastated by the loss of Allan Holdsworth. He forced me to think about how far an artist can push his or her art. Thank you Allan for enriching my personal view of how vast and wonderful art can be.

Roy Burns (My Mentor)

my mentor

I ran into my old mentor Roy Burns today at the 2017 NAMM show in Anaheim California. I first studied drums with Roy back in 1982 or so. At that time he was just starting his company Aquarian Drumheads. He taught me about drumming with the help of his books and his mentors books (Jim Chapin). And he also taught me how the mind and emotions could interfere with one’s natural capacities via books like “Zen and the Art of Tennis”.

I was standing in front of the Aquarian booth waiting for John Wackerman to say hello to the company that supplies drumheads for promotional purposes. I saw Roy there with the usual crowd of people around him. I think John, Chuck Wackerman or maybe it was Chris Brady told Roy that his old student Ken was here. Roy said I thought that was Ken but it looks like he lost 100 pounds. Roy told me to sit next to him and that he was very happy to see me. He told me a story about his drum mentor Jim Chapin and in that moment I felt he was on some level speaking about he and I. He spoke of pride and its effect on one’s ability to embrace change. I felt as if I was 18 years old again listening Roy talk philosophy.

Someday I may write a lot more about Roy, he has this endless understanding of human nature mixed with conservative ideals. Truly someone you would want to sit and talk with for a long time. Im lucky to say that he has always felt comfortable enough around me to share some deep concepts.


I have never met anyone like Roy Burns and I have a feeling I never will. Thank you Roy I heard everything you said, and you had a profound impact on my life.