“Aloha” Hunter Long photo

Ken Hada photography hunter long aloha skateboarding-1
Ken Hada photography hunter long aloha skateboarding

Hunter Long contacted me a few hours before this picture was shot. She wanted to take some pictures at Pedlow. We took some invert photos and some air photos and thin the process produced this picture. Just a few hours after this session Hunter was on plane bound for Hawaii. The next day I edited the photos from the session. After professing all the images that I felt she and I would both like a came across this “bail shot”. I this image along with all the good “make” photos. She immediately text back that she thought this image was funny. A lot of other people seemed to like this as well so next gallery i’ll add this one to the mix.

Amelia Brodka, am session at Vans Off The Wall Skateboard Park

Ken Hada Amelia Brodka front d vans off the wall skateboard park-1
Ken Hada Amelia Brodka front d vans off the wall skateboard park-1
Ken Hada Sarah Kate vans hb back disaster-1
Ken Hada Sarah Kate vans hb back disaster-

Back in the day when change seemed like nothing but a fantasy, instead of giving into the way things were going she believed in women skateboarding and even built a refuge for it thrive in.

These images are from a skateboarding session Amelia Brodka invited me and my camera to on the morning of the Girls Global Qualifier Huntington Beach. Amelia has been a heroic figure for me ever since I heard about her movie and annual skateboarding event Exposure. You see when I throw a Skatopia reunion its me cooking chili dogs over a old coleman stove at Chino skatepark. When Amelia throws a event it is somewhat larger. So I am always honored to photograph her and always happy to pick her brain on things like Women’s skateboarding.

Rouge One (Spoiler Alert)

Julz Lynn Skateboarding Star Wars Carrie Fisher Tribute
Julz Lynn Skateboarding Star Wars Carrie Fisher Tribute

This image was created on the Day Carrie Fisher best known as Princess Leia from Star Wars died. I found myself with a little extra time this day and so I contacted a few skaters to see if any were interested in making a skateboarding picture. Once I learned of Carrie Fisher’s death I send a second communication to the skaters asking them to bring something Star Wars related to the shoot (if they cared to). Julz ended up being the last photograph of the day and when she showed up to the skatepark I was amazed at how much she had done. Now I must interject that I was amazed at how much thought and time Julz put into her Star Wars concept but I was not surprised, because Julz gives 200% to everything she is called to do.

If you have not seen Rouge One read no further. I have a few thoughts after seeing Rouge One last night with my family. I was amazed at the Forest Gump components of the film. When I began tinkering with 3d animation back in very late 1980’s I wondered if films would someday be made without any physical actors? Rouge One was yet another Star Wars film that used CGI characters. Where I was a little disappointed was with the fact that the quality of the cgi didn’t seem to improve much since the day of Forest Gump. The characters looked sort of low rez and like Forest Gump didn’t seem to be looking directly into the eyes of the other live characters they were sharing the scene with.

The other thing that bothered me about Rouge One was that it was the least Star Wars feeling film I have seen to date. It instead looked and had the rythm of any other film i might see  in 2016.  Star Wars used to have a a very special unique feel about it. It is possible I feel this way because just saw The Force Awakens a year ago?


Would I watch Rouge One again and recommend it to friends? The answer is yes. Although it seemed to lack some of that Star Wars mojo, it had enough to keep me intersted. And it had my kids asking about episode 4, so it even ignited some interest in the movie that started it all way back when.

Julz Lynn from Exposure 2014

Julz Lynn, Invert on the vert rmp at the YMCA in Encinitas

The sun was going down, and the edge of the ramp was messing with parts of the skaters bodies. I should of turned up my lights or relocated downstairs. Well I ended up just talking to some of the skaters, and I did not get many usable images from the deck.